Mission, Vision and Aim

Mission Statement


Whitehall Public School, fondly called the Whitehall Family, is a caring family where everyone is valued and encouraged to achieve their highest potential.

Our mission is to develop young men and ladies with active and creative minds, with a sense of understanding and compassion for others.

Whitehall respects the individual needs of children and thereby fosters a caring and creative environment and emphasizes the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of each child.

Irrespective of their social and economic background, we are dedicated to serve our students with the understanding that gender, physical or mental ability, culture and background is strength to be respected.




Rampur, being a small city, had always lacked the need of good education facilities that are required for an overall growth and development of a child. Whitehall has a safe and welcoming environment and supportive atmosphere that upholds strong values too.

In the true sense, we celebrate diversity and encourage our children to respect and embrace differences by breaking all barriers of caste and religion.

This is perhaps the first step to promote children’s active role in the community.

We also work collaborating with other schools to explore opportunities and to seek new avenues to enhance teaching and learning. In all modesty, our standards are excellent with almost all our pupils achieving their full potential and we are proud of our ofsted rating.


Our Aims


To spread awareness that good education is not confined to a limited privileged few but to all who wish to emerge out and excel.

To make our students confident enough to face the world at large. Today the world needs not merely an educated lot, but well groomed, confident, enthusiastic, high spirited and determined citizens who look forward to achieve beyond the set goals.

To empower our students with an all round ‘excellence’ for this we believe in bringing up students with strong social and moral values. We at Whitehall grill the young minds to break all religious barriers and emerge as responsible humans – thus allowing human to reflect from their overall behavior.


With our continued services towards the society the humble town of Rampur, where educational facilities are a far off dream, we strive to make the dream of every parent and every child a living reality.